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AuthorWellman, SamTitleMother Teresa : missionary of charityPublishedUlrichsville, OH : Barbour Publishing -0001
Status:Check Shelves CategoryBiographyMediaPaper BackISBN1577481054Call NumberB MO MOTypeBookDescription
As a young girl, Mother Teresa felt called to serve as a nun in India. But in 1946, as a woman living and teaching in Calcutta, she felt another call, "a call within a call," to live among and offer free services to Calcutta's most desperate poor. A home for the dying, an orphanage, a leper colony, various medical centers, and countless homeless shelters sprung up in Calcutta, thanks to her work as part of the Missionaries of Charity. But Mother Teresa's call to the downtrodden would soon transcend Asia, and her diminutive figure would soon become synonymous worldwide with compassion. Mother Teresa sought out those less fortunate that they, above all, might be empowered#empowered by Jesus' love. (Book Cover)