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AuthorSaleem, KamalTitleThe blood of lambs : a former terrorist's memoir of death and redemptionPublishedNew York, NY : Howard Books -0001
Status:Check Shelves CategoryBiographyMediaHard CoverISBN9781416577805Call NumberB SA BLTypeBookDescription
The Blood of Lambs reveals the true inside story of the making and mind-set of a Muslim terrorist. Though his ties with terrorism were severed more than twenty years ago, it was not until 9/11, when radical Muslims rained terror on American shores, that Kamal Saleem stepped out of the shadows and revealed his true identity. Today, he is a different kind of warrior. He now stands on the wall and shouts to America, "Open your eyes and fight the danger that lives among you." As the terrible fruit of Kamal's early life in jihad screams from today's headlines, he courageously puts his life on the line to defend America, the country he now calls home. (Book Jacket)