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AuthorCofield, Charles A.TitleAn abundance of miracles: many paths, one destinyPublishedCofield-Smith Publishing Co. -0001
Status:Check Shelves CategoryAutobiographyMediaPaper BackISBN9781482563399Call NumberB CO ABTypeBookDescription
"It is the night of April 4, 1968. Twenty year old Howard University Student, Charle Cofield and his friends, investigate a fire just offcampus. He gets hit by a car but is seemingly unhurt. The night ends with Charles going to his dormitory and falling alseep. HE wakes up, ten days later, to find himself in a hospital and unable to move his arms and legs. SOmehow he broke his neck in a fall from his domitory bunk. Just like that, Charles had become a quadriplegic. God poured His grace, mercy and an abundance of miracles on Charles during the next 15 years" (Back Cover)